Love in SMTown


“Are you sure you want to do it?”

Baekhyun stops playing with his fingers to look at Chanyeol, noting that the taller boy looked just as nervous as he felt. “For the fans, right?”

With a nod and a tentative smile, Chanyeol ran on stage with Baekhyun close behind.


The fans screamed as Baekhyun stepped closer to Chanyeol, his eyes tilted towards the ground and his hand on Chanyeol’s chest. His cheeks were flaming at being so close to Chanyeol in front of so many people.

Chanyeol bought their foreheads closer together, a huge grin etched across his face while he gripped onto Baekhyun’s shoulder. His cute, squinted eyes behind the frames of those ridiculous pink glasses lifted a weight off Baekhyun’s shoulders, causing the shorter boy to smile back and curl his fingers into Chanyeol’s newly dyed, wet hair, looking up at the rapper through his eyelashes.

“The fans love it!” Baekhyun grinned excitedly.

“I love you.” The taller boy beamed back before pulling away and grinning at the fans, waving his arms around awkwardly.

Baekhyun stared at Chanyeol’s back for a few seconds as he processed the words until Chen hit him lightly on the back, knocking him out of his momentary trance.

He laughed and followed Chen, running past Chanyeol to shout a quick, “I love you too, stupid!” before making his way to the other side of the stage.

When he looked back, Chanyeol was smiling so wide it looked like his face was going to split in two.


Favorite Exo Fanfictions » Arbitrage by fumerie 

Kyungsoo glances down, fingers automatically coming up to trace what Jongdae is looking at. There’s black ink on the pale skin of his palm. Clumsy shaky strokes, straight lines coming out as slanted wriggles as if written by a child, nearly illegible, smudged by rain and little bloody scratches. A string of digits, not nearly long enough to be anyone’s phone number. 20211130.

Title: Make a Day Feel Like a Minute

Author: maayacola

Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol

Genre: au, romance, fluff

Rating: PG-13

Length: 30k

Description: Chanyeol doesn’t want to ‘get to know’ the guy who comes to every show dressed in a bright gold jacket and carrying a glittery sign with Chanyeol’s name on it. Except, well, he kind of does. (It is a bitchin’ jacket.)

"Countdown" MUST READ.

Arbitrage - fumerie
"First time is an accident. Second time is an experiment. Third time is addiction." 

Kyungsoo is stuck in the hours while Jongin begs the seconds, because time stops for someone who can’t remember and runs from someone who can’t miss the last train home.” (x

my fave fics - What Makes You Beautiful (one shot) : by leadernim

"Byun Baekhyun has a problem. It’s a pretty big problem, he’d say. About one hundred and eighty two centimeters big with round eyes and hair the coordi noonas won’t stop experimenting on. This problem also has a fairly deep voice and large hands that make Baekhyun’s skin crawl whenever this Problem gets too close.(…)"


“Good thing now we’ve got shortie here as his replacement, huh?”

“No one is Kai’s replacement, Baekhyun. Kai is still on the team.” ©  fumerie “Arbitrage”

There are three tracks to Do Kyungsoo’s life. Track A, trader at an investment bank. Track B, new recruit of a race crew called EXO. Track C… track C involves someone named Kai and a whole lot of bad decisions.


my analysis of Arbitrage, a kaisoo fanfic by fumerie


If anyone has not yet read the mindfuck monstrosity that is Arbitrage please go and read it NOW.  After you have finished reading it come and read my explanation and analysis and then talk to me because JESUS I crave a shitton of people to talk to me about this.  I wrote this originally for Justinne, but it ended up being for anyone and everyone who felt a little (a LOT) dazed by this fic.  Also don’t judge me – summer has just begun so I can choose to spend my time doing this.  I came out from the fic more eager to learn than ever before, so it was a positive experience.  Um.  You may disagree with me on some of my points, but I did check excruciatingly carefully, and my theories are correct in their own way.  Okay.  Also maybe some of this stuff is really obvious.  Maybe it was only me who was confused.  I dumbed it down and flattened it out considerably because I suffer from Kyungsoo syndrome and I absolutely needed to have it articulated.  So yeah.  GO READ THE FIC and then come back to this.  Here goes nothing. 

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so I finally managed to end ‘Arbitrage’




and there’s this fanvid and it’s so awesome, and song is simply gorgeous, and I can’t stop listening to it, and Kaisoo just got real.

‘It’s just a fanfiction. It’s just a fanfiction,” I reminded myself as I wept silently in the corner.


omg. I cried like a baby just now. Still sobbing. I calmed down a bit.

If you’re SHINee and Infinite fan

(especially Woohyun, Onew and Hoya biased)

you need to READ THIS FANFIC.

It’s written by Goddess, and it’s something really special I must say. Be prepared for history twists which cause laugh and tears.

It’s honestly one of the best stories I have ever read.

now I remember why I stopped reading fanfictions..

too much emotions.

my kokoro.


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