[HD] 120614 EXO-K_MAMA (Goodbye stage at Mcountdown)

Kai pre-debut: has revealed abs, nipples, chest, and almost everything else there is to reveal.
TOP 6 years after debut: has never worn a sleeveless shirt.

"Half of dance moves in Kai’s teasers was choreographed by himself. (cr: weibo)"

12/23 - kai & lay


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9pictures. Kim Jongin (Kai) | requested by anonymous.*:・゚


As Chanyeol is practicing the guitar outside his small, rooftop home, the phone rings. […]

Baekhyun: Starting tomorrow, let’s practice until our veins burst. We’ll come out on top.
Chanyeol: What are you talking about? Stop spewing nonsense and go home early.
Baekhyun: I wrote a kickass song. Let’s get the practice room first. This friend is working out all the details for you.
Chanyeol: Friend my ass. Hey go home early! Your grandmother is waiting.
Baekhyun: This punk, telling off his friend! Typical of “Dog Chanyeol” I. LOVE. YOU. DOG. CHANYEOL. You are awesome Dog Chanyeol!



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