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Kris can’t leave bc FOUR CHINESE MEMBERS wont be legit anymore


the sounds chanyeol make when waking up

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chanyeol with piercings ;/////;

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fml…. exo’s official page says that they’ll have showcase in Korea on 31st of March…






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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

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EXO the Anime

Chanyeol: kid who runs late to school with toast hanging from his mouth but this somehow is attractive to senpai
Luhan: the age-defying androgynous one that always has a trail of cherry blossom petals floating around his head like some homosexual halo crown
Kris: the senpai who turns the background into a sparkly flower wallpaper whenever he turns around but has a terribly broken past and you want to punch him in the face because you probably masturbated to a cartoon
D.O: constantly being sexually violated and teased by other main characters and always has that nervous sweat drop stuck to the back of his head
Tao: badass who calls everyone 'baka' from the corner but has been stalking senpai since middle school
Chen: holds clipboard and constantly pushes up his glasses to seem smart but is really a uselessly handsome dumbshit
Lay: the ditz who runs everywhere in slow motion and everyone stares with apparent boners
Xiumin: could be eating five raw octopuses in every scene but weight would never change because anime
Sehun: stubborn kid with awesome snarky comments and whose hair could alternate between blue and pink every day but nobody would care because that's just what an anime main character fucking does
Baekhyun: kawaii all the time but also the one who starts pulling unnatural powers out of his ass like immortality whenever pissed off or if a senpai is insulted
Suho: the absentmindedly boring grammar teacher until the third episode where he rips of his shirt, revealing his perfect glittery abs, with his hair swaying in the wind and shit, and can suddenly fuck zombies up like a god
Kai: gets answers out of the enemy by seducing them into bed only to start performing a human sacrifice demon ritual because thats just a hobby of a typical main anime character


exo in movies - beastly

I just was scared that you didn’t love me. And I didn’t think you could because of how ugly I am. I should’ve known better. That’s not who you are. You took one look at me and still said you’d seen worse. And somehow, when I’m around you, I don’t feel ugly at all.

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